Why get an ATM installed in your business?


Since the advent of ATMs, it has been observed, that every time one of these money-vending vaults is installed at a business location, the sales have increased conspicuously.

The HIM Consumer Tracking program 2006 reported that around 68% of shoppers expect to see an ATM at their local store. Also, ATM users are likely to spend 64% more in convenience stores for the sheer delight of not having to leave the store for cash. Having an ATM onsite provides customers with a safe and convenient means of withdrawing cash in-house and not being exposed to the weather. 

A cash machine will add great value to your business by increasing customer footfall, building loyalty and growing turnover. Irrespective of the type of business you run, by providing ready access to cash in your store or venue, you're encouraging existing customers to spend more money and bringing new customers through your door. Cash withdrawn will be spent over the counter, thereby increasing your sales and some cash will leave the premises, reducing your personal cash and banking charges.

In addition to the increased revenue, there are other benefits such as, reduced credit card fees and fewer hassles, such as bad checks and customer disputes; improved security, as less cash behind the counter lowers the risk of theft, all that makes these smart machines a wise business investment. ATMs save employee time and customer embarrassment, there’s no need of losing customers again.  In addition to this, ATMs have no hidden fees, monthly fees, and no transaction charges applicable to the business owner who houses the machine. The only long-term fees will be for the dedicated phone line and electricity.

These handy machines create an excellent working environment. So if you have been propounding to give your business the right boost, getting this utilitarian machine installed would be a step worth it.

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